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Migration Time…Excuse My Virtual Dust

  I am so excited to unveil the soon to be launched! I am migrating the blog to a more robust platform that will allow me to better organize reviews, history, and other postings to make it user friendly…and a lot of fun. I would love to hear your feedback over the next several … Continue reading

Regency Culture and Society: Furniture

I have furniture on the brain.  DH and I are redeco-ing our living room after a kitchen remodel, and I have been scouring craigslist and vintage shops for the perfect pieces to during our living/family room in to the perfect lounging and entertainment destination. Most of our furniture has been hand-me-downs, furniture we have hung … Continue reading

Regency Culture and Society: Graffiti

Don’t you hate it when media gives the modern age credit for all the black eyes on humanity?!  As if violence, crime, and other social ills were proprietary to contemporary culture. On one of my many year abroad late night tramps across the Midland country side, one of our favorite haunts was Kenilworth Castle. What … Continue reading

Top Fifty Funny Regency Romances

I have been noticing a lot of searches popping up for readers on the hunt for funny Regencies.  As I also enjoy a good chortle or lol while reading, I was happy to pull together a lengthy list of my favorite funny Regency romance novels. I have separated the list into 30 clean romances and 20 mature … Continue reading

Regency Villians: Mrs. Drummond Burrell

We all know that during the Regency era, persona non gratis included Old Boney, the wicked Lord Byron, and assorted other historical figures. Yet, there are also a list of other, lesser known historical figures that sometimes get painted in less than favorable lights. Recently, I have read several books which present Mrs. Drummond Burrell … Continue reading

Regency Lexicon: Fustian

Did you know that fustian is actually a thick cotton and flax (linen) woven fabric?  I actually pride myself in knowing quite a bit about textiles, but I had never heard the word. Pronounced something like fust-chien, the word is also synomous with bombast (which also can mean cotton wool blend or pompous, inflated speech or writing) and … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Gifts: Love and Words

Gifts for the Ones You Love: This Continent Called Love, Quotations from Nobel Prize Winners by David Pratt. $0.99 from 500 quotations on love in all its forms from Nobel Laureates. Combining love with wisdom, it will delight readers of all ages. Perfect for speeches at weddings and anniversaries. Send it to sweethearts, mothers, … Continue reading