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Regency Sex Symbols: John Constable

John Constable was not by any stretch of imagination a household name in England.  But his rich landscapes gained him notoriety in France and eventually would cast him as one of the great English Romantic painters. Threatened with disinheritance, his friend and abiding love Maria Bicknell waited patiently until he inherited some funds so that … Continue reading

Regency Sex Symbols: Sir Humphry Davy

I know what you are thinking…”Oh, Humphry!”???? But take a look at this hottie. Even in black and white his eyes leap out at you.  And his curls are positively Corinthian! More importantly, he was an inventor (and was a awarded a baronetcy in 1819) who invented a lamp which allowed miners to see in … Continue reading

Regency Sex Symbols: The Duke of Wellington

Oh, baby. A dapper dresser (called “The Beau by his officers), tireless, arrogant, and known to break out into spontaneous dance (when he heard news of Napolean’s defeat he started to dance the flamenco), Wellington is all that is delicious about the Regency man. Born in Ireland into a prominent family, after his education Arthur … Continue reading