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Kat Martin: Heart of Courage

I read the other books in the series some time ago and really liked them. so it was little surprise that when I finally found Kat Martin’s Heart of Courage I enjoyed it. Full of action, suspense, and could character conflict Heart of Courage features a headstrong heroine driven to uncover a series of murders … Continue reading

Kat Martin: Wicked Promise

I have a love hate relationship with the rakehell and the ward story.  On the one hand, ew!  On the other hand, hot! Its sort of the way I feel about Wicked Promise. Our heroine is interesting and likable, in hiding from the icky Lord Bascomb.  Forced to find shelter with her guardian, convicted murderer … Continue reading

Kat Martin: Heartless

An accomplished rogue. An innocent young woman. Love wasn’t part of the bargain… She isn’t really all that innoccent, and he is more like the cynical bitter rogue.  Slow to heat up, the last 100 pages are well worth slogging through the intro of Heartless. This book actually inspires real caring and emotion over the … Continue reading

Kat Martin: The Necklace Series

The beautiful necklace is rumored to bestow great fortune on those with a true heart, and terrible demise on those who have ill intentions. Kat Martin’s Necklace Series is full of action, baddies, and conflict embroiled lovin’. There is a formula to these books: the hero has his own beliefs about the heroine which are … Continue reading