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Candace Camp: An Unexpected Pleasure

I have to say I expected this book to be a pleasure.  And although it had its moments, I just couldn’t get in to it.  American + Duke has, in the past, been a fun combination for me.  But this is one of those books when I really just wanted to slap some sense into … Continue reading

Candace Camp: The Matchmaker Series

As with many of the series I read and review, I started this one somewhere in the middle with The Wedding Challenge. The Duke’s sister, Callie, finds herself inexplicably drawn to the mysterious Earl of Bromwell.  And Brom seems to have it out for the Duke, despite having the hots for his sister. Clandestine meetings, … Continue reading

Candace Camp: The Marriage Wager

First in a series, The Marriage Wager by Candace Camp is a delightful tale that is very Heyer-esque in its uncomplicated plot and simple character driven storyline. Here’s the skinny: Constance Woodley is of an advanced age as a result of tending to an ailing father during her “marriageable” years.  Her uncle inherits after her … Continue reading