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Regency Dish: Breath Mints

In 1780 London company Smith & Company released a new stomach aid called Altoids. Smith & Company merged with confectioner Callard & Bowser in 1837.  By this time the curiously strong mints were being promoted more as a breath mint than as a digestive aid. The original packaging was said to look very much like … Continue reading

Regency Dish: The Art of Cookery

What the Joy of Cooking is to many households today (especially in mine!), the late 1700s The Art of Cookery was to Georgian and Regency England.  Not until Mrs. Beeton’s book was there so comprehensive a catalogue of all recipes English. A gander at the pages of this book gives us a delightful glimpse at … Continue reading

Regency Dish: On the Menu

Often times in the pages of hist-ro, I see the same menu again and again.  How many veal medallions and partridges could these people really eat?!  Therefore, in my musings and explorations of all things hist-ro, I decided to do a little research and start a new weekly post…Regency Dish!  Here I will supply you, … Continue reading