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Carolynn Carey: My Elusive Countess

The Marquess of Blackbourne is convinced that when he finally locates the Countess of Willowvale, she will be the crass and manipulative harridan her late husband had described. Unknown to the countess, Blackbourne is guardian to her young son, and he intends to see that the boy is raised as befits his station, even if … Continue reading

Olivia Kingsley: Pretty Persuasion

Young Lady Georgiana Montford is heartbroken and infuriated when she  discovers her lifelong betrothed, Robert Balfour, in the arms of another woman.  Severing their friendship, she vows to choose her own husband, a man who’ll  share her thirst for adventure. Yet, despite her attempts to forget him,  Robert’s place in her heart proves more unwavering … Continue reading

Georgette Heyer: Frederica

Frederica is the self-appointed guardian of her three younger siblings.  Their true guardian, her brother Harry, is still at college and a bit too busy kicking up larks to be managing the nursery. Frederica comes to London, three siblings in tow, to launch her beautiful sister into the marriage mart.  Because they have no available … Continue reading

Sabrina Jeffries: The French Maid

Free is so great when you are a book-phile.  A quick press on my Nook download it button, and I was transported into Sabrina Jeffries short novella The French Maid. Actually, more like a short story.  I think it took me about twenty minutes to read.  So it was perfect for a very sleepy evening … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Gifts: Love and Words

Gifts for the Ones You Love: This Continent Called Love, Quotations from Nobel Prize Winners by David Pratt. $0.99 from Smashwords.com 500 quotations on love in all its forms from Nobel Laureates. Combining love with wisdom, it will delight readers of all ages. Perfect for speeches at weddings and anniversaries. Send it to sweethearts, mothers, … Continue reading

Eloisa James: Winning The Wallflower

Eloisa James is by far one of my favorite contemporary historical romance authors.  She has a consistently funny and entertaining style and memorable characters.  She also is a master at crafting the hero, with a unique insight into the male mind. Winning the Wallflower, a novella, was a short and sweet read.  I burned through … Continue reading

Regency Women of Character: Women at Waterloo

During a lull in fighting at Waterloo in 1815, British solidiers found the bodies of two women.  “I saw one of them,” wrote Captain Henry Ross-Lewin of the 32nd Regiment of Foot. “She was dressed in a nankeen jacket and trousers, and had been killed by a ball which had passed through her head.”  Other … Continue reading

Heather Boyd: Wicked Mourning

I suppose I should’ve guessed from the cover this was going to be a bit alternative.  But always game to try out a new Regency author, I gave it a whirl. Wicked Mourning is a novella.  Thirty minute read tops.  And the action starts almost from page one. And I do mean action. Apparently Heather … Continue reading

Elizabeth Boyle: Mad About the Duke

Is it just me or is there a hot crop of Duke books hitting the hist-ro shelves.  Personally, I have been sort of turned off on Dukes ever since Ralph Fiennes portrayal of the Duke of Devonshire.  Not that I don’t love Ralph, but it gave me a distinct taste that Dukes would be pompous … Continue reading