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Barbara Cartland: The Cross of Love

When Rena’s father dies she is alone in the world, forced out of the vicarage that has been her home, with nowhere to go and no money. She seeks help at the large wooden cross standing in the nearby grounds of The Grange. And there in the earth she finds three golden coins, which she … Continue reading


I finally got my hands on Wicked (see review below) and read it first out of the new stack. A late Victorian romance, it’s a spin on the old beauty and beast fable, with an Egyptology twist. Drake packs it full of historical nuances, some which I fact checked and found to be in error. … Continue reading

Lisa Kleypas: Author Review

You may recognize Lisa Kleypas for her contemporary romance. But she also has a veritable garden of historical (usually Victorian) romances which are worth checking out for those lazy days of summer. Although much more fun to read in a series, her four season/Wallflowers series books each stand alone as wonderful romances…two even featuring American … Continue reading