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Elizabeth Boyle: Mad About the Duke

Is it just me or is there a hot crop of Duke books hitting the hist-ro shelves.  Personally, I have been sort of turned off on Dukes ever since Ralph Fiennes portrayal of the Duke of Devonshire.  Not that I don’t love Ralph, but it gave me a distinct taste that Dukes would be pompous … Continue reading

Elizabeth Boyle: It Takes A Hero

“Rebecca Tate never intended to cause a revolution with her notoriously popular Miss Darby novels, merely to earn enough to support herself and her ailing uncle. But now it seems every eligible debutante in London is emulating her spunky heroine and refusing to marry ever! Still, Rebecca’s enjoying her newfound success as Miss Darby’s anonymous … Continue reading

Elizabeth Boyle: Love Letters from a Duke

Rags to Riches.  Mistaken identity.  Dukes.  Mayfair. Sounds like my kind of book! At least that’s what I thought as I plucked this one from the shelves a couple of months ago. I had read a few of Elizabeth Boyle’s novels before Love Letters, and found them to be satisfying reads. But let me tell … Continue reading