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Ebook Exclusive! Almost a Spinster: Jenna Petersen

Jenna Petersen’s ebook exclusive Almost a Spinster is a collection of three novellas that were part of her “You Tell Me A Story” online interactive choose-your-own-adventure-esque event. Here are the plots: In “Her Every Desire” Lady Jane asks her old friend Wesley to do a favor for her, seduce the fiance of the man she … Continue reading

Top Ten Spring Hist-Ro Reads (in ebook form)

Must have oldies but goodies and new on the shelves hist-ro reads to get you in the mood for spring! The Gamekeeper’s Lady by Ann Lethbridge On sale date: Apr 1, 2011…this one sounds perfect for days indoors with the rain beating down, longing to get outside!  A natural aristro’s daughter and a bad boy Lord ala gamekeeper–hot!  … Continue reading

Update from the Twittersphere: Jenna Petersen

Join me on twitter and get exclusives on the hist-ro community at large!  Enjoy comical tweets sure to make you spit water all over your computer…. And garner little gems like this: @Regency_Reader: @jennaromance hey jenna…anything new in the works?9 Apr     jennaromance Jenna Petersen  Yes! Pubbed a short in Apr, Aug is last “Billingham … Continue reading

Jenna Petersen: What the Duke Desires

Jenna Petersen does it again with this thrilling and sensual hist-ro. True to form, our heroine is spunky and desperate to fulfill her family duty.  What is that duty?  Revenge. Yet when she meets the target of said duty, she realizes that things are going to be much more complicated. Her quarry pursues her relentlessly, … Continue reading

Jenna Petersen: Her Notorious Viscount

Forced to work as a lady’s companion, Jane is miserable and looking for her brother who has disappeared into the underground.  When infamous Nicholas Stoneworth rises from the underworld to take over as heir after the tragic death of his twin brother, Jane think she may have found the perfect person to help her. But … Continue reading

Jenna Petersen: Scandalous

A delicious tribute to the follies of first impressions is Jenna Petersen’s Scandalous.  Fast paced and fun, with great heroine and hero, readers of hist-ro will enjoy this easy read. A devil’s pact brings the unlikely couple together, yet slowly they learn that love and passion can co-exist with trust and honesty.  There are the … Continue reading

Jenna Petersen: Desire Never Dies

Desire Never Dies Part of her Lady Spies series, Jenna Petersen’s Desire Never Dies unravels as Anastasia Whittig is forced into spy field work with the sexy, daring Lucas Tyler. Yum. She’s nursing big wounds and shrouded in a long and lengthy mourning.  He’s cocky and unconvinced that the code-cracking desk jockey agent, Anastasia, will … Continue reading