Review Submissions

I love to read new authors!  Please send me your Regency or historical romance novels in epub format to romanceanne at yahoo dot com.  As much as I love other romance genres, the focus of my blog is Regency.

I am currently accepting review submissions for posts in April, May and June.

Regency Reader is focused on providing thoughtful, honest and fun to read reviews for an audience of over 900 loyal fans and followers.  Started in 2007, the blog is promoted through Twitter and now Facebook, as well as email subscriptions.  Receiving over 2,500 unique views a month, readers are primarily interested in Regency romance novels and Regency history and culture.

In response to reader request, Regency Reader now provides a “parental guidance” rating based on the level of intimate or erotic material in a book.  Providing a balance between “clean” Regency and more sensual materials, the blog aims to encompass all Regency readership interests.

Regency Reader also aims to offer unbiased reviews of both mass market and independent, or self published, materials.

4 thoughts on “Review Submissions

  1. Hello. My name is Beverly Cialone, and I have been published for approximately two years now. While I love my editor, Michelle Halket, I feel it is time I “branched out” regarding my work and my own marketing efforts. With that being said, I would like to know if you would be interested in reviewing some or all of my work. I currently write romantic fiction, erotica, and poetry. My work can be found on my “home” site,, as well as,,,,,,,, and I look forward to your response. Thank you.
    Here is a list of my work and my profile on my home site.
    Amazon sin number B0031ER1AO
    Beverly Cialone

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