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Celeste Bradley: Fallen

I have now been a fan of Celeste Bradley for about a year, so was pleasantly surprised when I picked up her debut novel Fallen at the office bookshare. Here is the back synopsis: When Izzy went to bed, she never expected to awaken to disgrace. Of course, it felt wonderful…warm hands on her flesh, … Continue reading

Celeste Bradley: The Spy

A slave to the used bookshelves, I was only able to find the third book in Celeste Bradley’s Liar’s Club series, The Spy. Released in 2004, it carries on the story of the Liar’s Club introduced in the Royal Four series. Here is the plot: “An operative for the Liar’s Club, rakish James Cunnington is … Continue reading

My Top Eight in Hist-Ro Contempo

My top eight contemporary historical romance novels (had to leave out Austen & Heyer…!).  These are the books you can enjoy again and again. Splendid by Julia Quinn.  I love stories of masquerades gone wrong, and this one is funny, warm and wonderful.  Read an excerpt here. The Gilded Web by Mary Balogh.  Mistaken identities … Continue reading

New Favorite Author: Celeste Bradley

Having run out of the old standby authors, I was in desperate search of someone new to read. Usually, I look for three things when scoping out a new author: 1. Do they have more than one book, preferably a series? 2. Is it set in Regency England or close enough? 3. What does the … Continue reading