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Regency Dish: Recommendations for a Fast

The Art of Cookery is so wonderful, Glasse has even including a menu “For Lent, or a fast dinner”. Here are some of her recommendations: A green pea soup Onion soup Eel soup Crawfish soup Rice pot Apple fritters Ms. Glasse recommends spices, butter and fat for most of her dishes.  Nutmeg is featured prominently … Continue reading

Regency Dish: Drinking Water

In an age where water is worn as a fashion statement, it is hard to imagine a world where drinking the water was taking a risk with one’s health. In 1804 the first municipal water filtering facility was sited in Paisley, Scotland.  However, by 1854, a London cholera outbreak was traced to sewage contamination of … Continue reading

Regency Dish: Drinks and their glassware

Mrs. B’s The Art of Cookery gives us plenty of delicious recipes for brewing and made-wines.  Raisin wine, Orange Wine, Elderberry Wine, Gooseberry Wine, Currant Wine, Cherry Wine, Birch Wine…for every native berry there seems to be a recipe to distill it into wine.  Largely consisting of water and sugar, these wines would have made … Continue reading

Regency Dish: Pyes…

Delicious, flaky pasties stuffed with all sorts of yum yum filling. (This one is vegan!) From the Art of Cookery, a list of all sorts of pies one might encounter in England (from pubs to crofters…even gentry may sup on a tasty pasty!)  Here are some savory treats: Artichoke pye Sweet egg pye Potato pye … Continue reading

Regency Dish: On the Menu

Often times in the pages of hist-ro, I see the same menu again and again.  How many veal medallions and partridges could these people really eat?!  Therefore, in my musings and explorations of all things hist-ro, I decided to do a little research and start a new weekly post…Regency Dish!  Here I will supply you, … Continue reading