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Regency Women of Character: Women at Waterloo

During a lull in fighting at Waterloo in 1815, British solidiers found the bodies of two women.  “I saw one of them,” wrote Captain Henry Ross-Lewin of the 32nd Regiment of Foot. “She was dressed in a nankeen jacket and trousers, and had been killed by a ball which had passed through her head.”  Other … Continue reading

New Releases Quick Review: Regency Romance Titles

Unclaimed by Courtney Milan Publish Date: September 2011      Reviewers are giving it an average: 9/10 In Pursuit of Miss Eliza Cynster: A Cynster Novel by Stephanie Laurens Publish Date: September 2011       Reviewers are giving it an average: 7/10 Confessions of an Improper Bride by Jennifer Haymore Publish Date: August 2011              Reviewers are giving it an average: … Continue reading

10 Ten Hist-Ro Summer Reads

As the weather finally heats up here in the Pac. NW, it puts me in mind to pack up the tote and jaunt off to the park to soak up the sun and enjoy a good read (in between a picnic and some footie). Here are some tried and true, and new, picks for summer … Continue reading

Mary Balogh: A Precious Jewel

When a writer warns you in the foreward to expect the unexpected. it can make you hesitate to take the plunge.  But trusting Mary Balogh as a solid author, I simply shrugged and dove in to this slim re-release. As Balogh explains, the book is a departure from her traditional Regencies.  The hero is really … Continue reading

Mary Balogh: The Huxtable Family Series

I haven’t read Seducing an Angel yet, but I am going to be sure to pick it up on my next pilgramage to the book store. Mary Balogh does it again, proving she has the hist-ro chops, in this wonderful character driven series about the Huxtable Family (three sisters and a brother). We meet them … Continue reading

Mary Balogh: At Last Comes Love

“Margaret Huxtable is thirty years old and has finally decided to do the sensible thing and get married. She arrives in London during the Season full of hope. But first she meets the widowed Crispin Dew, who years ago had betrayed their secret betrothal and married someone else, and next she learns that the man … Continue reading

Balogh for Beginners

My mom’s favorite out of the hist-ro authors we have been sharing is Mary Balogh. She loves the characters, descriptions, and funny way that Balogh tells a story. For those of you who are knew to Balogh, I highly recommend first trying her “Simply” Series. It is a wonderful collection of stories about the teachers … Continue reading

Mary Balogh-Slightly Series

“The six brothers and sisters of the Bedwyn family are introduced in A Summer to Remember. Aidan’s story is told in Slightly Married, Rannulf’s in Slightly Wicked, Freyja’s in Slightly Scandalous, Morgan’s in Slightly Tempted, Alleyne’s in Slightly Sinful, and Wulfric’s in Slightly Dangerous. Characters from One Night for Love and A Summer to Remember … Continue reading