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Regency Culture and Society: Consanguinity

After a re-read of the most delightful The Grand Sophy (Georgette Heyer) and its habit of making my mind drift towards the icky thought of cousins marrying, I decided to do a little research on consanguinity to see what were the home truths about it in the Regency era. Here is a sciency definition of … Continue reading

Regency Women of Character: Women at Waterloo

During a lull in fighting at Waterloo in 1815, British solidiers found the bodies of two women.  “I saw one of them,” wrote Captain Henry Ross-Lewin of the 32nd Regiment of Foot. “She was dressed in a nankeen jacket and trousers, and had been killed by a ball which had passed through her head.”  Other … Continue reading

Georgette Heyer: The Talisman Ring

Pitched as a Regency romance/mystery, The Talisman Ring is actually a hilarious romp full with the Heyer staples; a grumpy (in this cased described as “cautious”) older man, a dippy and romantic young woman, a handsome young buck, and an older, independent woman with a brilliant sense of humor. And, as I have discovered and … Continue reading

Georgette Heyer: Friday’s Child

When the incomparable Miss Milbourne spurns the impetuous Lord Sherington’s marriage proposal (she laughs at him-laughs!) he vows to marry the next female he encounters, who happens to be the young, penniless Miss Hero Wantage, who has adored him all her life. Whisking her off to London, Sherry discovers there is no end to the … Continue reading

Faro’s Daughter: Georgette Heyer

The beautiful but poor Deborah Grantham presides over her aunt’s gaming house in Regency London. Here she meets Max Ravenscar who is determined to prevent his young cousin and ward from contracting an inappropriate marriage to Grantham. Incensed by the idea that she would exploit an innocent, Deborah decides to take her revenge on Ravenscar … Continue reading

Georgette Heyer: The Grand Sophy

Everything about Lady Sophy is grand.  Her figure, her laugh, her pets, her ideas…and her skillful machinations with other people’s love lives.  She is Emma, if Emma had been raised by a flighty international diplomat of a father, travelling throughout the world. Sophy arrives in London after living abroad to be placed in her Aunt’s … Continue reading

Georgette Heyer: The Corinthian

I had read somewhere that this was reported to be Heyer’s funniest Regency romp.  While I haven’t given it a second read yet, I wasn’t laughing out loud quite as much as with Sylvester. Nonetheless, the Corinthian was a funny, delightful and sweet romantic tale involving some very devilish villianry, gender bending dress up, and … Continue reading

Top Ten Spring Hist-Ro Reads (in ebook form)

Must have oldies but goodies and new on the shelves hist-ro reads to get you in the mood for spring! The Gamekeeper’s Lady by Ann Lethbridge On sale date: Apr 1, 2011…this one sounds perfect for days indoors with the rain beating down, longing to get outside!  A natural aristro’s daughter and a bad boy Lord ala gamekeeper–hot!  … Continue reading

Regency H(N)ot Spots: Harrogate

High Harrogate and Low Harrogate came to birth around the 17th century as two separate developments.  In north Yorkshire, it is an iron and sulphur rich spa spot which became know as “The English Spa” during the Georgian era. Known as England’s “Floral District,” Harrogate  has a massive public space called The Stray which was … Continue reading

Georgette Heyer: Sylvester

Oh my. I was giggling throughout this whimsical tale.  Outloud, enough so that my husband asked “What are you laughing at?” “This book,” I replied, “its just so funny.” And it is. We have our typical heroine and hero ala Heyer in Sylvester–the stuffy pompous Lord and the plain high flyer provincial gal.  But there … Continue reading