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Regency Science and Invention: The Weatherman

We all love to lament about the Weatherman.  Although I have only lived in a few other countries, its not hard for me to imagine this is a universal trend. To be fair, even with the “inexact science” of meterology, it does afford probabilities which help us plan our lives.  It also has an impact … Continue reading

Regency Science and Invention

Born in 1778, Sir Humphry Davy appropriately identified and named chlorine as an element in 1810, entertained an adoring public with experiments with gases, identified iodine as an element, experimented with electricity and the improvement of safety lamps for coal miners and was totally addicted to laughing gas (of which eventually led to his death).  … Continue reading

Regency Science and Invention

One of the things I most loved about living in London is the constant interaction with history.  Plaques placed on buildings proclaim famous persons domiciles, and places where things were invented. In honor of this, I have started a new category for lovers of Regency to highlight science and invention during the Georgian, Regency, and … Continue reading