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Brenda Hiatt: The Cygnet

Though ostensibly in London for her debut, Miss Deirdre Wheaton is far more interested in meeting celebrated poets than eligible bachelors. In fact, her deepest, most secret desire is to have her own poetry published someday . . . until she meets the Marquis of Wrotham. Once Cupid’s arrow strikes, Deirdre can think of nothing … Continue reading

Gabriella: Brenda Hiatt

He lost a wager . . . but won a treasure. Due to a lost wager, the Duke of Ravenham is obliged to bring a pretty little nobody from the country into fashion among the high-sticklers of London Society. Ravenham would never refuse a debt of honor, no matter how unorthodox, so he overlooks Miss … Continue reading

The Tenacious Miss Tamerlane: Kasey Michaels

Part of Kasey Michaels “Regency Classics: Alphabet Series” I dove into The Tenacious Miss Tamerlane ready for a funny romp. This gem of a novel did not disappoint.  With laugh out loud funny banter, some very eccentric supporting characters, and a quiz of a heroine (Miss Tansy Tamerlane) you will love this book from start … Continue reading

A Very Merry Chase: Teresa Thomas Bohannon

A lovely cover for a lovely, funny little Regency.  As author Teresa Thomas Bohannon tells us in the afterforward, it is the book of her heart that she toiled over for 30 years. Featuring a feisty redhead heroine who is the darling of the Ton and a duke’s daughter, and a new to the Ton … Continue reading

Faro’s Daughter: Georgette Heyer

The beautiful but poor Deborah Grantham presides over her aunt’s gaming house in Regency London. Here she meets Max Ravenscar who is determined to prevent his young cousin and ward from contracting an inappropriate marriage to Grantham. Incensed by the idea that she would exploit an innocent, Deborah decides to take her revenge on Ravenscar … Continue reading

Georgette Heyer: The Nonesuch

So my favorite used bookstore must have scored from a library, because a trip this week landed me a cache of Georgette Heyer books. The first I picked up to read was The Nonesuch, as I remember another reader saying it was her fave. What a wonderful (as expected) read!  Full of fantastic, interesting characters … Continue reading

Georgette Heyer: Cousin Kate

After a several month search for Georgette Heyer novels, my book buddy, Mom, finally came through with Cousin Kate. Heyer’s foray into the romantic gothic novel is every bit as delicious as Arabella, with a sweet and feisty heroine who becomes embroiled in a very wicked situation! Impoverished and forced to work, she must find … Continue reading

Georgette Heyer: Arabella

Could there ever be anything more perfect than Arabella?  Heyer picks up where Austen leaves off, presenting a charming and perfectly engaging story of a country miss (the eldest daughter of a vicar) who tells a little fib when faced with the snobbery of the Nonpareil. Our hero, Mr. Beaumaris, is really just a Corinthian … Continue reading