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Julia Quinn: What Happens in London

In between gorging myself on Georgette Heyer re-reads, I picked up this older Julia Quinn book in the hopes that it would be a pleasant interlude.  As one Regency Reader pointed out, Quinn tends towards too many anachronisms. But that aside, this was an enjoyable quick read that did not require nary a cringe at … Continue reading

Julia Quinn: Everything and The Moon

Once upon a time a young couple fell in love at first sight (even Julia admits this is a challenge!) but was separated by two overweening fathers and some bad timing. Years later, they meet again.  She is in reduced circumstances, shlepping some awful brats around as a governess.  And meanwhile he is saturated in … Continue reading

Julia Quinn: Mr. Cavendish, I Presume

So I didn’t exactly rush out to get it after the disappointment of The Lost Duke, but it was inevitable that I would stick by my love of Julia Quinn and pick up Mr. Cavendish, I Presume.  And upon reflection, I wished I had waited even longer, so that I might forget the details of … Continue reading

My Top Eight in Hist-Ro Contempo

My top eight contemporary historical romance novels (had to leave out Austen & Heyer…!).  These are the books you can enjoy again and again. Splendid by Julia Quinn.  I love stories of masquerades gone wrong, and this one is funny, warm and wonderful.  Read an excerpt here. The Gilded Web by Mary Balogh.  Mistaken identities … Continue reading

More on the Lost Duke

So, I decided to fish around the wide sea of the www and check out what other readers are saying about Quinn’s latest the Lost Duke of Wyndham. To my surprise, some folks actually thought it was awesome! Thankfully for my sanity, however, there were plenty of bad reviews to balance out the good ones. … Continue reading

The Lost Duke of Wydnham, Julia Quinn

I was sooooo excited to finally get my hands on the new Julia Quinn, the Lost Duke of Wyndham. And then I read it. And I kind of wished the Lost Duke would have stayed lost. Oh Anne! You say. You’re far too harsh. You have written some stinkers, too. Be kind. All true. But … Continue reading