Migration Time…Excuse My Virtual Dust


I am so excited to unveil the soon to be launched RegRom.com!

I am migrating the blog to a more robust platform that will allow me to better organize reviews, history, and other postings to make it user friendly…and a lot of fun.

I would love to hear your feedback over the next several weeks as I continue to build it out.  Feel free to drop a line and let me know likes, dislikes and suggestions.

After September 15th, I will be officially re-directing anneglover.wordpress.com (otherwise known as Regency Reader) to the new site: www.regrom.com Ree-g (as in Regency) Rom (as in Romance).

Stay tuned for official deets here or by following me on twitter: @Regency_Reader

Email subscribers, I have migrated your email addresses to the new site.  WordPress followers most likely will be redirected and need to sign up using an email address.  I will also be working with my webmaster to design new ways to stay connected…including RSS Feeds, Facebook Updates, Good Reads linking and more.

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