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More Funny Regency Romance: Top Eight

Likely, my voracious reading pals, you have already devoured the books off the top fifty funny Reg Roms and are craving more! At least, I know I have and am itching for some comedy coupled with my Regency romance…Haven’t read these yet, but they are part of a list I am compiling for myself to … Continue reading

Top Ten Historical Romance Series

As we look forward to long Autumn days and cold winter nights, its time to start stockpiling.  I love series romance during the Fall and Winter months, when I am less distracted by the weather and nights get darker sooner. In no specific order, here are ten of my all time favorite (and re-read again … Continue reading

Top Ten Spring Hist-Ro Reads (in ebook form)

Must have oldies but goodies and new on the shelves hist-ro reads to get you in the mood for spring! The Gamekeeper’s Lady by Ann Lethbridge On sale date: Apr 1, 2011…this one sounds perfect for days indoors with the rain beating down, longing to get outside!  A natural aristro’s daughter and a bad boy Lord ala gamekeeper–hot!  … Continue reading

Regency Holidays: Top Five

Bound to be holed in a cabin in the snowy Cascades for the holidays with my in-laws, board games, and a lot of outdoor play, you can bet I am also making room in my suitcase for some romance. To get in the spirit of things, I recommend picking up one of these titles from … Continue reading

Top 5 Contempo Hist-Ro Villians

We have a look at the heroes.  But what about the villians?  Here are my top 5 men you love to hate. Baron Harwood, The Bride’s Necklace (Kat Martin).  Ugh.  He’s lecherous, threatens penury…not much to like about this dude. Thomas Hint, The Flame and the Flower (Kathleen E Woodiwiss).  Even though from the 70s, … Continue reading

Top 8 Hist-Ro Heroes

Le sigh!  Nothing quite like a hunky, brooding man in tight fitting breeches.  If only we could talk the men in our lives into dressing up in buckskin and cravats… Here are some of my favorite hist-ro heroes (from contemporary hist-ros…because otherwise I would end up naming most of Jane Austen’s characters…) Joshua Moore, Marquess … Continue reading

Top Ten Ways to Read Hist-Ro

In the bath…. On the bus… On the beach… In the park… On a rainy Sunday… With coffee or tea… While doing laundry… In your sweatpants… Or pyjamas… Or in a ball gown.