Valentine’s Day Gifts: Love and Words

Gifts for the Ones You Love:
This Continent Called Love, Quotations from Nobel Prize Winners by David Pratt. $0.99 from
500 quotations on love in all its forms from Nobel Laureates. Combining love with wisdom, it will delight readers of all ages. Perfect for speeches at weddings and anniversaries. Send it to sweethearts, mothers, brides, and even to your favorite cynics.



Trafalgar Dispatches by Roger Busby. $2.99 from
What was it like to fight at Trafalgar? How would the modern media report the greatest sea battle of the Georgian era which still resonates today? A victory against all odds which secured the pre-eminence of the Royal Navy and heralded Pax Britannica, Britain’s dominance of the seas for a hundred years; a victory which etched the name of a fallen hero, Admiral Nelson deep into the nation’s psyche.


Gluten Free Desserts – Decadent, Delicious & Delightful by Compliments to the Chef . $3.99 from
If you are looking for the best in hand selected, best of the best recipes, let Compliments to the Chef be your source for incredibly delicious culinary creations. Each of our themed cookbooks will include delicious recipes that will soon become your, your family’s and friend’s favorites.


Gifts for You:

The Runaway Debutante by Elizabeth Chater. $2.99 from
Matilda’s father loses everything in a gambling debt, including her, but she courageously fleas for her freedom, becoming the personal chef and the delight of Major Bruce. As their love grows for each other, Matilda’s past comes back to haunt her.


Surrender by CJ Archer. $0.99 from
Only one woman can save Alex from himself.

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