Loretta Chase: Mr. Impossible

I’m not really sure what makes the hero, Rupert, impossible.  In fact, we never really learn too much about him, even as characters remember him as the “Hargate Hellion.”

That’s my biggest criticism about Mr. Impossible…the back story feels like its missing.

Set in Egypt, the plot follows Lady Pembroke and Mr. Carsington on a search for a missing brother.  And of course, mummies, tombs, and all sorts of baddies get in the way.

The plot is great, action packed with enough interesting details to show that Loretta Chase really did her homework.

So, I am biased, you say.  I didn’t like her well heralded book the Lord of Scoundrels and so I am forever tainted.

Not true!  I am a glutton for punishment in that way, that I can’t resist trying out an other again and again.  And to be truthful, my head is so stuffed full of hist-ro that I can never really member the details (except for those exceptional, favorite books like those of Julia Quinn and Eloisa James).

And I am not panning this one outright.  I think it is worth a read.  Its short, its cute, and it moves along at a good pace.

But if you are the type of reader who likes a little meat on the proverbial characters bones, you will probably being disappointed.

Mr. Impossible is impossibly light on it.

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