Anne Mallory: Three Nights of Sin

Just put this one down, and wished I had another Anne Mallory to pick up.

Three Nights of Sin Cover

Okay , so its not really a bus friendly cover. But nonetheless, I found the last 100 pages, with its plot twists and turns, fun and unpredictable.

It takes a little while to heat up, but good tension between the characters and lots of slow character reveal keep each page interesting. I love that the heroine isn’t beautiful, but she’s interesting.   And full of tenacity.  Its great to read stories where characters are really caught in desperate situations…and they have nothing to lose.  Three Nights of Sin is all about those decisions we make in those moments of weakness.

The hero is also dark and full of justified brooding (although you don’t find out why until the end) living along the underbelly of London society as the master of “favours”; either ten thousand pounds or granting him three wishes will get his enormous network of help for your cause….results guaranteed. Enter our heroine, who is desperate to save her puppy of a brother from a date with the hangman…even at the expense of her life, her position in society and of course, her virginity!

Great sex, with passionate and sensual scenes guaranteed to titillate.

Not for those who shy away from “adult themes”.  My only problem with the book was the author’s tendency to reuse (to my exhaustion) the turn of phrase “threw her head back in a silent scream.”  I’m just not really sure how that one works.

I will definitely be reading more Mallory!

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