Eloisa James:The Pleasures Trilogy

Potent PleasuresMidnight PleasuresEnchanting Pleasures

Eloisa James first series, The Pleasure Trilogy, is as fun as it is a great pre-quel to all of her books.

The covers look like a fledgling author, but don’t let that fool you…they are ever bit as a delicious as any other James hist-ro!

In Potent Pleasures a reckless night of sensual indiscretion later leads heroine Charlotte to discover that her late night indiscretion with a footman is really not all its cracked up to be…

In Midnight Pleasures, Lady Sophie York pledges herself to dullwitted Bradden all the while secretly craving another touch…

And in Enchanted Pleasures we meet one of my favorite heroes, Quill.

They are a great series to check out when on the hunt for something different, and James never disappoints to write wonderful characters, funny scenes, and great romance.

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