Lisa Kleypas: Seduce Me At Sunrise

Seduce Me At Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas book cover

LIsa Kleypas continues her Hathaway Series and stories of the Rom and the women who love them.  For those who loved Mine Till Midnight, Seduce Me At Sunrise follows up with the foreshadowed love story of Winnifred and Merripen.

Winnifred is sickly as a result of a bout with scarlet fever, and her adopted brother/servant gypsy Merripen has long been her protector.  But when her sister’s marriage affords her the opportunity to seek alternative and rigorous treatment for her ailment, she must leave the bosom of her family and the shield of Merripen, who Winnie secretly loves.

When she returns, she finds Merripen very different, but still as determined not to admit his love for Winnie.  Enter in another suitor (with possibly a dangerous past), scandal, a mysterious connection between Merripen and Winnie’s brother in law, and a whole lotta passion and you have an A plus example of what makes Kleypas such a great hist-ro romance author.

Tension is key in this book, and makes it a juicy read.

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