The Bridgerton Series-Julia Quinn

In my top five of all time favorite Regency Romance series is Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton novels. Imbuing each of her characters with rich details and personal dilemmas, her treatment of romance is light hearted and warm. As a first time or old pro romance reader, you should definitely check out this wonderful series for you will not only fall in love, but be able to read them all over and over again!

The first book of the series, the Duke and I, introduces the Bridgerton clan in a familiar, yet beloved fake betrothal plot. The Duke and I sets the tone for the whole series, humor, intrigue and a believable romance.  Plus, I always love the heir as he is usually haughty and impossibly Darcy-ish.

The second and third books also use a male character as their main hero, yet don’t shirk the important duty of creating likable, plucky heroines. Julia Quinn has an undeniable talent at crafting both male and female voices with a depth and realism.

That being said, the next two books are my favorite in the series because we finally are rewarded with love stories for some of the unusual, wonderful females who are featured throughout the series. I especially love that both Romancing Mister Bridgerton and To Sir Phillip, With Love tell the Cinderella story with lots of twists and turns. After all, what does Cinderella do when she realizes Prince Charming is only human?

Book 6, When He Was Wicked, takes a much more serious tone. It was the first Julia Quinn novel I read, and not my favorite. However, again the strength lies with well developed characters.

Finally, the last two in the series are light hearted affairs with more traditional sub plots.

And if the series weren’t enough, Julia Quinn has also started writing second epilogues to quench the readers thirst for more Bridgertons. Personally, I think its a bit hokey and probably dreamt up by the publisher, but it nevertheless is available for die-hard Bridgerton fans.

I highly recommend purchasing the series (if you can find all the books) all at once, so that you can read them in order and continuously. Not necessary, but definitely more fun!

5 thoughts on “The Bridgerton Series-Julia Quinn

  1. I love JUlia quinn and because i love her, i bought 9 books written by her…i almost completed the bridgerton saga but unfortunately, the 8th book here in the philippines is not for sale and never will it be….

  2. I really love this series, but I just hate it so much that I can’t find the 5th, 6th and 8th book!

    Oh how I wish I can find them here in Philippines, I tried to search some online, but then I can only find ones(5th book) that only ends on the 4th chapter.

    Oh so annoying to have such cliff hangers!

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