More Funny Regency Romance: Top Eight

Likely, my voracious reading pals, you have already devoured the books off the top fifty funny Reg Roms and are craving more!

At least, I know I have and am itching for some comedy coupled with my Regency romance…Haven’t read these yet, but they are part of a list I am compiling for myself to read–so give me a shout if you get through one before you see a review (guest reviews anyone?)

1.  The Duke’s Undoing by G.G. Vandagriff Compared with Heyer and Austen, this traditional Regency is receiving high marks from reviewers as a funny romp.  Look out for a future review.

2. Mr. Malcolm’s List by Suzanne Allain Compared to Lauren Willig, this one is about a Darcy like hero about to get served up some justice…Regency style.

3.  Friendship and Folly: The Merriweather Chronicles Book 1 by Meredith Allady Comedy of manners promising spanky dialogue and funny scenes.

4. An Unmarried Lady by Anna Wilman Even non Reg Rom readers are giving this romp the thumbs up.

5. The Mad Miss Mathley by Michelle Martin A Good Reads recommended funny and light traditional Regency.  Totally awesome vintage Reg Rom cover.

6.  Reforming Lord Ragsdale by Carla Kelly Traditional Reg Rom lovers on Good Reads suggest Kelly is where its at for a warm hearted tickle of your funny bone.  The ebook has a spanking new cover that is as gorguese as this book is reported to be.  Stay tuned for review!

7. An Arranged Marriage by Jo Beverly Reader reviews rave about the delicious hero.  Who doesn’t love a funny, yummy hero?!

8. The Countess by Lyndsay Sands has been given some props as a laughter filled mistaken identity plot.

I can’t give you a read on the heat index, having not read any of them…but covers are usually a good indication (ie a passionate embrace = mature, fully clothed couple talking = clean).

Now, on to read!


2 thoughts on “More Funny Regency Romance: Top Eight

  1. I liked your top 50 list. I haven’t read any of these, but I have to say the one by Jo Beverly doesn’t sound funny at all. It sarts out with the h getting raped…much too dark I think.

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