The Tenacious Miss Tamerlane: Kasey Michaels

Part of Kasey Michaels “Regency Classics: Alphabet Series” I dove into The Tenacious Miss Tamerlane ready for a funny romp.

This gem of a novel did not disappoint.  With laugh out loud funny banter, some very eccentric supporting characters, and a quiz of a heroine (Miss Tansy Tamerlane) you will love this book from start to finish–at least I did!  I was sorry to say goodbye to the Duke and Tansy, but thrilled to know there is a whole series of  Kasey Michael’s Alphabet Regencies to enjoy.

Originally published in 1982, the Alphabet Regency covers have gotten a modern facelift, perfect for easy point and click to download.  However, like many classic traditional Regencies, the previous cover is the only thing that would’ve dated the book.

Like all great Heyers (are you sensing a trend, here…?) this one starts on the road.  Tansy Tamerlane is berating her hired horse who is taking her at a plod to her new post.

Miss Tamerlane, the only surviving member of her family, is a gentlewoman forced on hard times.  Her father was a scapegrace gambler, with her mother dying early on.  As a result, Tansy has grown up more comfortable in the stables than in the parlors, and has a deliciously hilarious lexicon consisting mostly of boxing cant.

A chance encounter with an ill-fated eloping couple introduces Tansy to distant (fourth or fifth) cousins that decide she is the perfect Antidote to discourage the Duke’s dangerously high-spirited and dimwitted younger sister.

Tansy gets into well-meant scrapes with a colorful tongue and the protection of the Duke which is enough to keep her from scandal and even introduce her into fashion vis a vie a very funny scene including the Beau (Brummel, of course!).

I loved this book, from start to finish, which was reminiscent of The Grand Sophy.  There are some slight anachronisms, so I wouldn’t pair it with an Austen, but this tongue in cheek Regency offers a light, funny read quick to burn through while the sun is heating up.  I also thought the hero was perhaps a bit underdeveloped, so those who like character development over funny action probably won’t find this book as fun.

 (4.5 out of 5.  Thoroughly funny, lovably lighthearted, I can’t wait to read more Michaels!)

 (Some light kissing a slightly suggestive material, but teen friendly.  Perfect for clean loving teens and women alike!)

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