A Very Merry Chase: Teresa Thomas Bohannon

A lovely cover for a lovely, funny little Regency.  As author Teresa Thomas Bohannon tells us in the afterforward, it is the book of her heart that she toiled over for 30 years.

Featuring a feisty redhead heroine who is the darling of the Ton and a duke’s daughter, and a new to the Ton Duke set on winning her heart, we follow the will-be couple on a series of foibles and follies.  Her brother is abroad on some sort of secret errand, leaving the high flyer set loose on Town.  While she has a companion and a surrogate brother (who I love…when is his book?!) they are no match for the independent minx with a fiery temper to match her red hair. We start on the road as she recklessly ventures towards London during high highwayman time.

Supported ably by a wonderful cast of characters and some truly funny scenes, we also have a villian to spice up the action.  The language is true to form (or close enough) and the conflict is interesting without being over the top.

This clean PG rated Reg-rom is a great escape for lovers of Heyer and Austen and truly was a delight to read.

I did have a few lingering questions niggling me…what happened to Branderly’s ward?  He seemed pivotal in the beginning, but then dropped off the face of the earth mid way through the book…What was Branderly’s backstory?  That seemed unclear to me, even by the end.

There were also some potential matches that were unmet, though heavily hinted, by the end of the book.

Regardless, I enjoyed some of the funny scenes and deviations from the norm–one does find the ballroom a bit droll, after a while.

 (4.2 out of 5.  Thoroughly enjoyable read, if not lol funny.  Missed the perfect mark by a margin, demerits given for some loose ends).

 (Mild language and vague suggestive characterizations, but otherwise clean and vanilla.  A few stolen kisses is the limit of intimacy).

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