Jacqueline Diamond: The Forgetful Lady

Jacqueline Diamond is launching new covers for her Regencies, designed by my dear friend and graphic designer Kelly at customgraphics.etsy.com.  I am so pleased, as the covers are beautiful and really represent this wonderful collection of clean, traditional Regencies!

The Forgetful Lady is a delightful and sometimes emotional tale of a young lady who, bent on trying to impress everyone with her high flyer ways, gets into an accident which causes her temporary amnesia.

In trying to figure out her identity, she decides on the path of honesty and integrity in her relationships–something which naturally makes her an Original in the Ton.

The only problem is the one person she really wants to impress seems to have knowledge of some terrible misdeeds she was party to before her accident.

Lady Elizabeth is a likable heroine, with a terrible mother, a sometimes terrible sister, and a cast of characters that either become her champions or her sworn enemies.

I found myself caught up in her story…and even though I sometimes wanted to plant the hero a facer, he also was a nice romantic figure.

I was surprised at the emotional involvement I felt towards the middle and end of the novel–the frustrations and tears of misinterpretation and miscommunication creating real life conflict for characters.  Usually, plots centered on miscommunication are overblown and unrealistic–but somehow Diamond manages to make it all very believable–and a perfect peak to her plot.

Although I think I loved Lady in Disguise a little more for its humor, The Forgetful Lady was a wonderful story perfect for raining days when a little emotional turmoil is good to chase away the blahs.

First she lost her memory … now she’s misplaced her heart.
London society considers Lady Elizabeth Fairchild a tease and a flirt. And it is true that during her come-out she acted the part in her desperation to please her difficult mother.
Then, after a nasty fall and a loss of memory, Beth resolves to be her caring and honest self. But instead of reclaiming her reputation, she finds it growing dangerously worse. A story is spreading that she broke the heart of a close friend of the Marquis of Meridan, the man she truly “ but secretly “ adores.

Check out Jacqueline’s upcoming new Regency cover launches as they come online on her blog: http://www.jacquelinediamond.com/

 (4.5 out of 5 hearts.  I definitely will re-read, which is always a win in my book.  Wonderful characters, great action, and sweet romance that really earns its pay off)

 Not recommended for younger readers.  Some light kissing and disreputable behavior (including mistresses) make for adult subject matter probably not for teens under 16.  However, might be a great book for mother’s and daughters to read together and discuss!

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