Sabrina Jeffries: The French Maid

Free is so great when you are a book-phile.  A quick press on my Nook download it button, and I was transported into Sabrina Jeffries short novella The French Maid.

Actually, more like a short story.  I think it took me about twenty minutes to read.  So it was perfect for a very sleepy evening when I needed a quick Rege-Rom fix.

The French Maid is a delightful little story about a magical French maid who knows just how to put the spark back into a marriage.  With some very practical magic, and a little prodding, she manages to turn a lackluster love into a love affair.

It is a sweet story, with likable characters, surprisingly good emotional highs and lows (for such a short tale) and a whimsical feel perfect for reading before dream time.

 Some intimate scenes and adult subject matter.  The characters are a bit older, and the dilemma is centered around marriage so teens would probably find it boring.


 (4.5 out of 5)  Thoroughly enjoyed every bite, even if it was bite sized!

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