Jacqueline Diamond: Lady in Disguise

Don’t be fooled by the rather tatty covers of Jacqueline Diamond’s ebooks (the one above is the best version, below the worst)

In the new style, author Jacqueline Diamond is going through her stacks (presumably now free from publisher copyright) and republishing many of her Regency romances in epub and ebook format.  I was hooked in by the low price and the comparison to Georgette Heyer, and was not disappointed by this funny romp, complete with mistaken identity, funny supporting characters, and relatively clean romance that is as sweet as it is enjoyable.

Because so many of my Regency Readers are on the great quest for clean Regency, it has been my personal mission to seek it out (although I do spice it up with the occasional mature Regency).  And I was thrilled to find another author, like Candace Hern, writing in the great tradition of the Heyer Regency.

Taking place in the countryside, and away from the on dit and crushes of Town, A Lady in Disguise is the story of a would-be betrothed young woman who ventures from her impoverished father’s estate to meet his new bride (a wealthy widow).  When met by her would be fiance, she can scarcely resist tweaking his vanity by portraying herself as an actress come to visit his friend.

What results is perhaps unbelievable, but nonetheless amusing, with an ensemble of characters well met for a country romp.

Although not laugh out loud funny like my favorite Heyer’s and Austen’s, Diamond nonetheless entertains with a collection of well written pages that ultimately reflect why those of us hist-ro lovers do so love the genre.  When manners and convention strictly control behavior, it is only in the subtleties that anyone gets anything done.

I recommend this for clean hist-ro lovers.  There is some passionate kissing, but its just kissing, and very light adult subject matter so is appropriate for ages 16 and up.

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