Bad Austen: A Great Gift for Jane-ites!

You may or may not have heard about the Bad Austen contest.  Here is the original call for short, short Jane-fiction parodies: Join the esteemable company of Ms. Jane Austen! In the tradition of the Bulwer Lytton Contest and the Bad Hemingway and Bad Faulkner contests, here’s your chance pen a scene of a “classic” novel Jane Austen never wrote.

I was happy to add my imagining of a sequel to Northanger Abbey (my favorite Jane) written like Twilight…(Twilight at Northanger) among the collection of Pride and Prejudice satires, robotic Sense and Sensibilities, and reality spin off Austen Survivor.

The book is a wonderful, whimsical, silly collection of stories perfect for sharing with your favorite Jane fan.  (and it sells for less than $10 on Amazon:

Don’t get me wrong.  Its bad.  But its so bad, its good.  I love the tongue in cheek vision of Austen Bridezillas or the time traveling matchmaker Emma Woodhouse.  Some are lol funny, some are very sweet and Jane like, and others are groan inducing.

I leave you to find your favorite!


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