UPDATED From the Desk of Anne: Check this Out–Way Cool!

I was scratching the noggin brainstorming for ways to improve my blog today when it dawned on me that as a reader I would love an easy “app” for finding similar hist-ros based on certain factors.

After a little google monkey magic, I found book lamp.  Currently in beta, these brave dataheads are trying to create the pandora for books.

And yep, romance is a genre that is up and running.

While its no where near as comprehensive in depth as I would like for my little niche of the literary world, I can see definite possibilities blossoming.  So check it out, post some feedback, and let me know what you think.  In the meantime, I will be diligently working on developing my only little tiny version with greater depth and search capabilities to lubricate the process of finding hist-ro you will love!


I found another treasure of a site that offers a whole list of authors and recommended similar authors for historical romance.  Check it out!

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