Margaret Moore: The Wastrel

I don’t read Harlequin series historicals very often, but this one landed in my lap from a neighbor and so I gave it a go.

  Here are the deets: Clara Wells’s eccentric family drew enough sidelong glances her way that she could do without the attentions of London’s most notorious rake. But the sinfully charming Lord Mulholland was renowned for getting whatever, or whomever, he desired….

Paris Mulholland had long guarded his heart with a string of elegant, casual conquests, yet Clara’s defiant pride enticed him in a way no coy flirtation ever had, and the prim and proper miss was proving a most engaging opponent in the war between the sexes…

Part of Moore’s Most Unsuitable Men series, this slim tome is set in the Victorian era–although much of the context/subtext places it more comfortably in the Regency world.

Based loosely on the story of Cupid (or Eros) we meet a heroine from an eccentric family destined to skirt the world of the haute ton until a chance encounter with her family and the Mulhollands lands her a coveted invitation to the fete of the Season.

Thanks to the unassuming and wild manners of her artistic Auntie and poetic Uncle, she finds herself receiving an invitation to the ton’s biggest flirt’s house party.  And with the dunning letters about to begin, its not a moment too soon.

Its obvious from the meet-cute where the love story resides, the real meat of the story is the tension between the two opposites and how they reconcile their differences to truly fall in love.

Its mindless fun, pure sugary romance that is perfect for the days of summer when you are sunning yourself with one eye on the kids.

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