Gaelen Foley: Her Secret Fantasy

The middle of the trilogy.  Somehow, I always seem to start in the middle.

Part of the Spice Series, Her Secret Fantasy also worked as a single title.  But it interested me enough to want to read the rest of the series; the series features the Knight family and the impact their former life in India has on their lives in Regency London.

Her Secret Fantasy delves into the life of Derek Knight, a merciless solidier and even more merciless lover/lady killer.  Escorting his wounded brother back to London, he is serving in the unwilling role as diplomat to secure more funds for the military.  All he can think about is returning to exact revenge on the foreign enemies that wounded his brother.

Meanwhile, Lily Balfour comes out of forced resusitation in the country to save the family fortune.  Her mission is simple: marry a rich and stupid man.

When she finds a rich nabob in need of her blue blood, she thinks she has it made. 

Until, of course, she meets Derek Knight.

Conflict: he wants to go back to India and she needs money.

Its a thick book…so be prepared to dig in.  The middle sags a bit, and the ending is perhaps too neat, but generally I found it to be enjoyable with well drawn characters.

It does have explicit themes and scenes, so vanilla soft serve it is not.

There is drama, villiany, a mystery and some very nice supporting characters that made me laugh, cringe, and laugh while cringing.

All in all, I think a most charming book!

One thought on “Gaelen Foley: Her Secret Fantasy

  1. Good review! I like to know what I’m getting before I buy/read, and you provided the kind of information that would help me decide about this book – length, theme, pace, level of explicitness. Thanks.

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