Suzanne Enoch: A Lady’s Guide to Improper Behavior

A Lady's Guide to Improper Behavior

She (Theresa) is a lady well schooled in etiquette.  He is a once carefree gentleman now wounded by a terrible secret experience in India and bitter to the point of self-destructive rudeness.  Unlikely love?  Not in the world of historical romance!

Enoch’s A Lady’s Guide to Improper Behavior first has two things going for it before I crack the spine: 1).  a catchy title  2).  a beautiful (and discreet) cover.  It is also a Beauty and the Beast style transformation story which I heart!

Part of the Adventurers’ Club series,  Enoch tackles the very current problem of PTSD.  And I like how she pairs her hero with someone who, albeit considered catch, is most often found as a foil to the heroine in other hist-ro.

There are funny highs and emotional lows, making this quick read an emotional rollercoaster–one I found myself engaged in even though I wasn’t completely bowled over by.

Its a solid Regency romance that stands alone as a single title.

It also is fairly mild on the love scenes, although subject matter is mature (heavy drinking and violence would make me rate it E…although adults who like more serious content but steer clear from erotic overtures may enjoy the book.)


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