Candace Camp: An Unexpected Pleasure

An Unexpected Pleasure

I have to say I expected this book to be a pleasure.  And although it had its moments, I just couldn’t get in to it.  American + Duke has, in the past, been a fun combination for me.  But this is one of those books when I really just wanted to slap some sense into the heroine.

The hero is sexy in kind of a creepy way.  That sounds weird, I know.  But he is always lurking and smirking.  He’s like that super smart older guy in your college philosophy course who is smarmy, yet somehow appealing.  You like the way he stares at you with those bedroom eyes, but then something about the way he uses words like “mereological” and “myopic” just make your skin crawl.

Then you get this ending that is just ridiculous.  I don’t know, its just ridiculous.  I like melodrama, honestly I do.  But….really?  Candace, reallly?

It just feels…campy?

There are some writing chops displayed in the pages of the book.  I think this series might actually be really fun, as her eccentric Duke and Duchess and brood are charming and whimsical.

That being said, I do think there are readers who will enjoy this book.  I don’t think its an all around stinker, just more of an acquired taste.  So if you like secret revenge mission driven plots with a little melodrama thrown in and a fair amount of sexual tension you might enjoy An Unexpected Pleasure.

“From the Publisher

It’s 1879, and American newspaper reporter Megan Mulcahey is sure that adventurer Theo Moreland, Lord Raine, killed her brother, Dennis, in the Amazon. Relocating in London, where Theo lives, Megan accepts a position as tutor to Constantine and Alexander Moreland, incorrigible adolescent twins also known as the “Little Greats.” Soon, Megan is treated as a member of this eccentric family, having been accepted by everyone from the duchess to Con and Alex, which makes her feel especially bad about trying to get Theo convicted of the 10-year-old crime. Worse yet, she is beginning to doubt his guilt and to develop feelings for the very man she has come to destroy. Romance, humor, adventure, Incan treasure, dreams, murder, psychics–the latest addition to Camp’s Mad Moreland series has it all. Fans will be happy to see characters from Camp’s earlier books, and for those who haven’t yet read this entertaining author, this novel is a great introduction.”

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