Regency Holidays: Top Five

Bound to be holed in a cabin in the snowy Cascades for the holidays with my in-laws, board games, and a lot of outdoor play, you can bet I am also making room in my suitcase for some romance.

To get in the spirit of things, I recommend picking up one of these titles from my top five Holiday theme Regency Hist-ros.

  1. A Regency Christmas: Elisabeth Fairchild, Carla Kelly, Allison Lane, Edith Layton & Barbara Metzger.  A delightful collaboration where readers can get into the holidays Regency style.  Learn about Regency customs and fall in love with a bevy of beauxs–in perfect bedtime reading snippets!
  2. A Regency Christmas II : Mary Jo Putney, Anita Mills, Mary Balogh, Carla Kelly and Sheila Walsh.  Perfect for reading in snatches of holiday down time, this sweet anthology of Regency short stories focuses on the characters and leaves out the heavy intimate scenes.  All the stories featured in this collection are joyful and perfect to put you in the spirit!
  3. A Countess By Christmas: Annie Burrows.  I haven’t read this one, but the cover looks delicious!
    Christmas is essentially about family, yet Christmas traditional country customs bring orphaned Helen and Lord Bridgemere together at his grand house party.
  4. Wallflower Christmas Lisa Kleypas.  One of my all time favorite series combined with the Christmas Season.  What could be better?!
  5. Karla Hocker, Christmas Charade. Again, another one I will have to pick up!  A lady’s companion accompanies her employer to a Christmas house party at the castle of the man who unknowingly broke her heart during her first Season — a duke who is trying to track down documents stolen by French agents.

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