Julia Quinn: What Happens in London

In between gorging myself on Georgette Heyer re-reads, I picked up this older Julia Quinn book in the hopes that it would be a pleasant interlude.  As one Regency Reader pointed out, Quinn tends towards too many anachronisms. What Happens in London

But that aside, this was an enjoyable quick read that did not require nary a cringe at some of the plot mechanisms that have lately made Quinn a little sour.

Lady Olivia is driven by on dit to spy on her new neighbor, Sir Harry.  But when he busts her and then proceeds to bridge the gap of real estate by virtually stalking her around the Ton, Lady Olivia is forced to act like an insipid miss to repel his advances.

There is a Russian Prince thrown into the mix, and a lot of funny dialogue to keep you turning the page.  And the love story is sweet if filled with those dastardly anachronisms.

Although its not destined for the reread stack, I think readers in search of a light affair for the otherwise hectic holiday season will enjoy What Happens in London.

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