Georgette Heyer: Sylvester

Oh my.

I was giggling throughout this whimsical tale.  Outloud, enough so that my husband asked “What are you laughing at?”

“This book,” I replied, “its just so funny.”

And it is.

We have our typical heroine and hero ala Heyer in Sylvester–the stuffy pompous Lord and the plain high flyer provincial gal.  But there is something about the scenes and dialogue that kept me riveted after a hiccuped start.  And laughing outloud, which is such a rarity unless I am groaning about some cheesiness.

Sylvester is Darcy meets Cathy (from Northanger Abbey).  Can you imagine–yep, its that funny.

And not only is it amusing, but the romance is sweet, believable and definitely all ages friendly.

Here’s the plot:  He’s looking for a wife and so has drafted a list.  Her grandmother recommends her to Sylvester, but she is definitely not interested.  And its more than his snub last Season at Almack’s.

So what’s a girl to do?  Well, when you have a wicked step mother bent on reforming your high-flying ways the only option to a girl is of course to run away.  Luckily her best buddy (neighboring Squire’s son) agrees to assist.

And that’s when the story veers into the delightfully absurd.

I thought I couldn’t enjoy another Heyer book as much Regency Buck or Lady of Quality.  But  am now convinced that I love Sylvester the most.

So my next question is…who wants to develop and pitch a tv series based on Heyer books?  Um, what is masterpiece waiting for?!

2 thoughts on “Georgette Heyer: Sylvester

  1. I can so identify with your post. This is one of my favorites of Heyer’s. I love her line when they first meet in that gloomy room with practically no fire: “I have no conversation.” She really throws him for a loop. If you haven’t read The Grand Sophie – that one will also keep you in stitches.

    Thanks for bringing back good memories!
    ps Our local libraries Friends’ group is having a regency romance giveaway. Three Barbara Metzger’s are up for grabs at: for a chance to win.
    She’s funny and entertaining too!

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