Jenna Petersen: What the Duke Desires

Jenna Petersen does it again with this thrilling and sensual hist-ro.

True to form, our heroine is spunky and desperate to fulfill her family duty.  What is that duty?  Revenge.

Yet when she meets the target of said duty, she realizes that things are going to be much more complicated.

Her quarry pursues her relentlessly, much to her chagrin.  And it is in this dogged determination of our hero that we fall in love—with her.

Her characters sparkle, the dialogue is funny, and the action moves the story along without eliciting groans of “oh that’s predicatable” or “really?”.  Her characters are dealing with real struggles, albeit a bit extreme.  All of us go through that part of growing up where we realize our parents were only mere humans–and as crushing as it is its also important for personal growth.

Jenna is a rising star among hist-ro, and What The Duke Desires is proof of this.  If this is your first foray into her work, it will be a delight–if its merely another book of Petersen’s to add to your collection than it won’t disappoint!

Simon Crathorne has never felt quite “right” in his own life. Even with his friends, he never fit. But now his father is dead and he has inherited the Dukedom, and all the responsibility that goes with it. And since his father was always known as a highly moral, upstanding man, Simon has big shoes to fill. Lillian Mayhew doesn’t buy the late Duke’s exalted reputation one bit. A lifetime of hearing her father talk about the man’s sins and seeing the torment her family endured at his hands has made her bitter and a final secret she discovered as her father lay dying has turned her bitterness to a drive to destroy the good name of the man she feels wronged her. No matter the price.

But when Simon and Lillian meet, sparks fly and passion erupts, leaving Lillian with an ugly choice. Can she abandon her quest for revenge, just as she is on the cusp of fulfilling her duty? Or will she betray a man whose past turns out to be a murky sea of lies and betrayals neither one could have ever anticipated? A man whose kiss could change her life forever.

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