Regency Hot (R-Rated) Spots: 28 Charlotte Street

As a crow flies north of Soho in London, Theresa Berkley made a living spanking naughty gentlemen.

The inventor of the “chevalet” or “Berkley Horse”, she was the original dominatrix and her brothel on 28 Charlotte Street specialized in BDSM.  A high class establishment it helped Theresa Berkley amass no small fortune.

There were other brothels, too, that gave clients a little domination including: Mrs. Collett’s place in Tavistock Court, Mrs. James’ house at No 7 Carlisle Street in Soho, Mrs. Emma Lee of No 50 Margaret Street, Regent Street and Mrs. Phillips of No 11 Upper Belgrave Place in Pimlico.

Naturally, as an avid reader of hist-ro I am well familiar with the territory of Town brothels.  What astounded me was the vast quantity of them specializing in S & M.  And even more interesting is that these domains were known to cater to both men and women of the aristocracy.

Unlike the more low class establishments, these brothels were sprinkled throughout more traditional neighborhoods in houses.

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