Diane Farr: The Fortune Hunter


Always willing to try something new, I picked up The Fortune Hunter by Diane Farr.  Going into it blindly, I was pleasantly surprised by this first stab at the Regency romance by Farr.

Of course, we have a feisty heroine and a burnt around the edges hero.  And of course, the central plot is how these two unlikely lovers fall in love.

But the surprise is in how well written and funny Farr’s book is.

The true reason I haven’t been updating the blog too much—bad books!  I mean so bad that I decided it wasn’t even worth finishing them, let alone giving them the old blog review.  So when I cracked open Farr (which was a slow starter), I was happy to finally find something to sink my teeth into.

The dialogue sparkles, her characters jumping to life (like an Austen or Heyer) with a witty repartee often sadly lacking.  When so much of life was contained by propriety and property, banter would have been a key to unlocking hidden desires and thoughts.

Forced together by a strange bequest, the wealthy and eccentric spinster and the dissolute and under the hatches rakehell combine forces to grow as individuals.

There is something in this growth that is so real to what relationships really entail—funny, lighthearted, yet with an underlying strength in showing how our interactions with others shape how we are as individuals.

Even the ending has a twist which will surprise and delight.

Light on the sex-ing, its a good book for gals preferring beating hearts over throbbing parts.

Definitely going straight to the re-read stack and will definitely keep an eye out for other Farrs.

4 thoughts on “Diane Farr: The Fortune Hunter

  1. Great review. I especially liked that you mention “Light on the sex-ing, its a good book for gals preferring beating hearts over throbbing parts”
    I like to know before I pick up a romance novel how much cheesy sex scenes are going to be in it. Sounds like this one doesn’t have a ton so I might just check it out.

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  3. Thanks for reviewing THE FORTUNE HUNTER — I’m so glad you liked it! Lord Rival began as a secondary character in FALLING FOR CHLOE, which takes place in the spring prior to THE FORTUNE HUNTER. He grabbed my imagination so hard that I had to write a book starring him. 🙂 He also makes a cameo appearance in DUEL OF HEARTS, but since DUEL OF HEARTS takes place some years earlier, he is a dissolute young rake in that one – not hero material at all. 🙂

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