Julia Quinn: Everything and The Moon


Once upon a time a young couple fell in love at first sight (even Julia admits this is a challenge!) but was separated by two overweening fathers and some bad timing.

Years later, they meet again.  She is in reduced circumstances, shlepping some awful brats around as a governess.  And meanwhile he is saturated in sin and out for revenge.  Its one of those classic he said she said romance plots where they really just need to communicate more effectively…but alas, that would reduce 300 pages to 100.

Then, after a brief spell when she has been sacked he finally finds her working at a dressmaker’s shop.

And she is happy, independent, and not in the least desirious of hitching up.

This is where the plot gets a little hinky for me.  I don’t want to spoiler too much, so I will just say that some will find the hero’s behavior romantic while I found it creepy…and a good start to a future of abuse.

Yes, I know, I am very sensitive to these things…and not all of you will agree.  But this book just didn’t sparkle in the usual Quinn way.

Its not a dud, just not going back on the re-read shelf.

As Quinn says in her author’s note preface, maybe its just that love at first sight is a little unbelievable to those of us who rather like to think of love as a endearing emotion born out of friendship and respect.

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