Julia London: The Book of Scandal

book review

The title of this book sounds sooooo good.  In fact, I had an instant vision of what might be contained within the pages…heck, I should write that one down!

Unfortunately, fantasies are usually much more elaborate and well orchestrated than reality.

Its not just that the book really isn’t about a scandalous book.  And not just that I have a prejudice against books that dabble too much in “court life.”

This book is just boring.

You think it might have promise: separating after the death of their son the “Libertine Lindsey” and his wife can’t stand to look at each other.  So she joins court and he whoops it up in the country.

Political machinations force them to reunite.  Avoiding spoilers, let’s just say we might alternatively title this book “A Reluctant Wife.”  You can guess at the pieces that follow: conflict, building suspense, climax, resolution.  There is even an added villian for good measure.  But the threads that she started to weave were not finished and therefore unravel quickly.

Although it has all the ingredients for a good historical romance,  London skated too close to the surface on this one.

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