Oh Patient Reader! Eloisa James: A Duke of Her Own

Yes, the holidays have descended in their typical frenzied fashion…leaving me little time to pen my thoughts (or type, I should say).

I did finally snag a few hours to watch The Duchess, which was very pretty to look at…and I am a sucker for Rafe.

I also have loaded up on books from the Better Than Chocolate Book sale, so soon to be back posting like crazy.

As far as writing–well, nothing too new on the horizon, although I am compiling a whole heck of a lot of information for a top secret project.


I have just finished my second read on Eloisa James’ recent release in the Desperate Duchess series, A Duke of Her Own.  I was eager to read it, despite the last disappointment (see This Duchess of Mine review), because Villiers is just my kind of hero–surly, dark, and Darcy-esque.

And huzzah! Eloisa is back on track with A Duke of Her Own!

A Duke of Her Own

Villiers is stuck deciding between two of the only Duke’s daughters on the mart, one who inflames his passions and the other who appears to be a perfect fit–for his nursery full of natural children!  Eleanor is everything I have ever loved in an Eloisa heroine (or Julia Quinn heroine, for that matter)…plain spoken, full of humor, and not fussed about being a little mussed.

In pure Eloisa style, the strength here is in the sharp and sparkling dialogue between characters.  I love Eleanor’s sister, who is shamelessly airheaded, and her mother who is the perfect  long-suffering mama.  The love scenes are fantastic–so hot!–and Villiers is positively delicious.

I also like how she throws in some real historical issues to add depth and breadth to the book.

Definitely give this one a read…I am sure you will love it as well!


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