Kathleen Woodiwiss: Petals on the River

I have finally worn out my copy of Petals on the River.  Too many nights soaking in the tub while turning the pages tends to have that effect on a paperback.

Falsely accused Shemaine is shipped off from England to the wilds of America and sold into servitude.  Just her luck, she gets bought by the hunk of a man Gage which a mysterious past and a child desperately in need of a nanny.

Filled with villians, action, well written characters and some good old fashioned loving, Petals on the River is one of the better examples of Regency-eque American hist-ro.  Not only does it offer a reprieve from the glittering balls and glamourous gossip of the Season, but it also gives a rare glimpse into the rough life of early American settlers and their indentured servants.

So while I regretfully retire my copy to the recycle bin, I hope you will go in search of your first copy.  Its a bit serious, less light hearted than my typical preference, but still an enjoyable book that can be read and reread several times…And if, like me, you need an occasional holiday from the ton Petals on the River is just what the doctor ordered.

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