Regency Hot Spots: Shops of the Haute Ton

Interior caricature of Rundell and Bridge.

If you were part of the Upper Ten Thousand, you had to flaunt your wealth regardless of its reality.

Just as the famous and fabulously wealth celebs of today show off their million dollar dresses and diamond encrusted high heels, both Regency gentlemen and gentlewomen had to show of their leisure and pleasure through the art of shopping.

But what were the Gucci’s and Choos of yesteryear?

Here is a brief primer on the hot spots for Regency haute ton commerce.

Rundell and Bridge (32 Ludgate Hill off Fleet Street).  Jeweller to the Crown, revolutinized jewelry by offering the designs of many rather than one.

Harding Howell & Cos-parasols and accessories.

A.M. Cohen (No 26 Widegate Street)-women’s accessories

John Arpthorp (No 278 High Holborn)-corsets and  underthings

Mrs. Duval (Bond St, Mayfair)-modiste specializing in tippets.

Madame Devy’s (16 Grafton St-Bond St)-modiste

Mr. S. Clark (37 Golden Square)-equestrian costumes, pelisses and riding habits

Mrs. Bell (late Magazin des Modes 22 Upper King St)-gipsy hats, bonnets, assorted milliner and modiste in Bloomsbury Square

Dyde and Scribe’s (Pall-Mall)-furier specializing in muff and tippet (worn by princesses)

Mrs. Shabner (Tavistock Street)-modiste specializing in evening and equestrian costume

Mrs. Thomas (Fleet Street at Chancery Lane)-modiste specializing in evening dress

Miss Walters (Wigmore St, Cavendish Square)-modiste who invented the “Opera or Gala” dress

Mr. John Weston (37 Old Bond St)-tailor

Countless other modistes and milliners, doubtless, peppered Town, but these were the most exclusively located and therefore undoubtedly favored by the Ton.

Next installament….upholsters and drapers!

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