Georgette Heyer: Cousin Kate

After a several month search for Georgette Heyer novels, my book buddy, Mom, finally came through with Cousin Kate.

Heyer’s foray into the romantic gothic novel is every bit as delicious as Arabella, with a sweet and feisty heroine who becomes embroiled in a very wicked situation!

Impoverished and forced to work, she must find a new situation.  That’s when, out of nowhere, distant relatives she had never before met come to rescue her and spirit her away to the fabulously wealthy estate in the country, Staplewood.

Staplewood is full of secrets, windswept vistas, and terribly stormy nights.  We get an awesome climax scene where everything becomes very serious indeed, as well as lots of little bumps and surprises throughout.

Although it deviates from the traditional hist-ro, I loved Heyer’s portrayal of a gothic romance…especially the hero and heroine!

While fans of gothic romance might find the book lacking, folks in need of a break from contempo hist-ro will love this adventure into Heyer’s world.

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