Jenna Petersen: Her Notorious Viscount

Forced to work as a lady’s companion, Jane is miserable and looking for her brother who has disappeared into the underground.  When infamous Nicholas Stoneworth rises from the underworld to take over as heir after the tragic death of his twin brother, Jane think she may have found the perfect person to help her.

But hardened and world-weary Nicholas won’t do a favor for nothing.

Before you groan and go “ew, sex slave…again?” its not what you think.  Jane ends up being his tutor in deportment.

There are a couple of twists and turns, not perhaps as many as past Petersen’s, but enough to satisfy while being swept away by romance.  And eventual great sex scenes.

Nothing fires the blood quite like a Jenna Petersen.  Perfect for those steamy days of summer!

Petersen writes strong character centered stories that are light on exposition and more about action.  Her heroine is feisty, but not so much so she becomes a caricature.  And the awesome thing is both male and female protags. have a character arc.

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